The Wa Central constituency, for the past few weeks has been engaged in a popular debate on the brouhaha of 15 allegedly trained medical doctors by the Wa Central Member of parliament. Hon. Alhaji Rashid Hassan Pelpuo.(Ph.D.) . Where communicators of the National Democratic Congress as expected, are praise-singing his name, his political opponents chastised him for using his 16 years stay in parliament to allegedly train 15 Doctors,meaning for each year, he trained 1 Doctor.

Mr Tahiru Lukman (Youth activist, Development consultant and Pan-Africa Author)seem to have one major question to ask Hon. Rashid Pelpuo, which is ‘WHERE ARE THE DOCTORS?’

In Mr. Tahiru’s perspective, its ok to applaud the MP for Wa central Constituency for giving critical attention to the health needs of the people, this is because health has a direct influence on everything as humankind. So to have an MP who sees the need  to invest heavily in training medical Doctors,deserve commendation.

According to Mr. Lukman, the Wa Municipal Hospital which used to be the Regional Hospital before the newly inaugurated Regional hospital have always been lacking Doctors.”The Wa Municipal hospital has only one Doctor and so if the MP alleges to have trained 15 Medical Doctors as he campaigns for re-election, he must be interrogated seriously, So the fundamental questions need to be asked”. Click on the image for the full article.Capture 300x266 - A letter to Hon. Dr. Rashid Pelpuo, Where are the trained doctors?

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