In my opinion, I think the major canker confronting the Djs fraternity in the upper west region is lack of unity and purpose. It is evident that a couple of Djs have built formidable brands that could attract even foreign investors and big companies however, Djs over the years have been disregarded and their services usually underrated by most artists and event organizers. When in actual sense, some DJs can pull crowd for events more than some billed artists. For instance, the moment a Dj charge an event organizer or artist, the response is usually “I will get back to you” and that ends the deal and at the end of the day they look elsewhere for cheap Dj services. It is unfortunate But we can’t solely blame event organizers and artists because the major causative factor is the disunity among DJs within the region. If we had strict rules and regulations governing the DJs fraternity, we could salvage this distasteful phenomena.
rasky 2 215x300 - DJs should consider organizing their own events: The overall best DJ UMA 2023 DJ Rasky
On the flip side, I think most event organizers are usually interested in the money instead of quality services. They know the particular DJs that can make their events outstanding yet because of the little charge they will rather go in for cheap services that will not add any spice to the event.
As for me, I don’t sit, fold my arms and wait for ‘billings’ which are not even forthcoming, I put my own shows together and cash out. I think DJs should consider organizing their own events instead of waiting on event organizers to bill them.
It’s high time we value our own in the upper west region and appreciate each others services and efforts Because “business grows when family and friends pay for services”
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