In a visionary move that seeks to redefine the cultural and entertainment landscape, Wa Naa Fuseini Pelpou IV has opened his arms to embrace The Union of Upper West Creative and Events Organizers (UWCEO)

The Union of Upper West Creative and Events Organizers (UWCEO) Led by the President,

Maakuu Maxwell, is to thank the Wa Naa and the place for having interest in the works of creative Art  as it is a source to young people to  generate legitimate income to take care of themselves and their  their family, the aim is to establish relationship between the Palace and UWCEO  for proper communication on matters relating to Creative art and event organizing as a way to prevent future occurrence of events that led to  banning of ”Pens Down” recently by the palace and to introduce leaders of the Union to the Palace and assure the palace of the intention of working together to come out with guidelines for regulating the conduct of events to confirm with proper social order.

The Entertainment Creative Group is a collective of dynamic talented individuals dedicated to shaping and revolutionizing the entertainment industry. Comprising writers, directors, producers, actors, media professionals, entertainment lovers and various other creative professionals, this group comes together to collaborate, innovate, and bring captivating stories to life.

This collective convergence is poised to usher in a new era of creative expression, as the Wa Naa envisions a vibrant and dynamic event landscape that transcends traditional boundaries. With a commitment to fostering innovation and community engagement, this unprecedented partnership promises to breathe life into a plethora of captivating events that reflect the pulse of both tradition and modernity. As the chief’s enthusiastic embrace signals a profound shift in the region’s entertainment realm, anticipation grows for the transformative experiences that will emerge from this inspired collaboration.

Speaking to the gathering, the representative of Wa Naa (Katuo Naa, Naa Osman Kundarobousaid) the gathering is to celebrate the convergence of minds, talents, and aspirations. He said UWCEO’s presence signifies not only a courtesy visit but a powerful statement of unity and collaboration that resonates deeply within the community.

“As the custodian of our cultural heritage and a staunch advocate for the arts, I am genuinely humbled by the diverse array of talents and expertise that you all bring to the table. Your roles as entertainment creatives and event organizers are pivotal in shaping our local identity and fostering connections that transcend boundaries” He added.

UWCEO visit to the Wa Naa’s office is more than just a formality; it is a declaration of the entertainment creatives’ commitment to pushing boundaries and nurturing an industry that thrives on innovation. The exchange of ideas flowed seamlessly, reflecting the shared vision of transforming events from mere spectacles to transformative experiences.

The collaboration demonstrated the potential for events that showcase the beauty of creativity while enriching the cultural fabric of the upper west region.

As the meeting concluded, the Wa Naa expressed gratitude for the creatives’ dedication and pledged support for their endeavors. The gathering marked the beginning of a promising journey where the fusion of traditional wisdom and contemporary creativity would pave the way for events that resonate deeply with hearts and minds alike.

The Union of Upper West Creative and Event Organizer is group of creatives comprising writers, directors, producers, actors, media professionals, entertainment lovers and various other creative professionals who emerges with a unified mission and a visionary sense of purpose. Their mission is to craft events that transcend mere entertainment, weaving together culture, innovation, and community to create immersive experiences that resonate deeply with attendees. With a clear focus on preserving tradition while embracing modernity, their vision is to curate gatherings that celebrate diversity, educate, and inspire, fostering a shared sense of identity among participants. The chief’s guidance has ignited a collective passion to elevate their craft, and their vision now extends beyond individual projects to a broader commitment to enriching lives and leaving a lasting legacy through transformative event experiences.

Story: Bra Ike

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