The Smock industry enjoyed massive growth in the last few years with vibrant youth wings in the upper west region taking over the one time most lucrative business.

Prevalence of modern day fashion designers threatened to take off smocks off the scene thanks the popularization of western culture.

In the upper west region however, the traditional fashion industry received massive endorsements across all facets of the community.

A survey by the Home Radio Business Train revealed by 50 traditional Smock stores in Wa township alone.

Kids as young as 10 years were all seen sewing these traditional dresses as seen in the visuals attached.

Stores were separated by less than 500 meters in some scenarios as the market revolution takes shape across the industry.

Speaking to a section of the smock makers, Home Radio 99.7 gathered that immediate employment and safe revenue is guaranteed once one ventures into the industry.

“It takes the youth away from deviant behaviors and gives them immediate employment as well. At a very fast pace, one can learn how to sew these smocks in less than 3 months. This helps in reducing the employment rate and keeps our tradition alive”, one of the workers told Home Radio 99.7 FM.

An average cost of a smock ranges between 300 and above for the hand sewed ones while those made with sewing machine can be bought for as low as 150 Ghana Cedi.

The Smock is an identity in Northern Ghana and can be worn to send out several messages.

Tamale used to be the hub for Smocks until the recent exponential growth in the upper west region.

Field by: Saani Abacha
Home Radio 99.7 FM

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