Upper West Cypher 2020 is set to hit your airwaves very soon featuring the very finest rappers selected across the entire Upper West Region.
Rappers that are expected to be on this year’s Upper West cypher are:
1. Gally
2. WizMaleek
3. Stunner
4. Medra
5. Nash Berry
6. Badda Kasu
7. Rekordz
8. Maseg Dagaati
9. Dagau Okito
10. Glee Geezy
11. Infinity
12. Top Boi
13. SamBwoy

These are the rappers and the old guys representing the 3 major tribes namely Dagaaba, Sissala & Waala expect to feature on this coming project.
Also the very finest Engineers/producers such as Qobrah Beats, Ferdy Skills And Madbeatz alongside Echosoundz are also going to produce the cypher.

BACKGROUND (The West Hood)
The West Hood which was a rap group formed by 5 strong rappers namely Sky Gee, Haron Stone, Typanza, El Twist & Weevil about 10years ago and their first major project was the “Upper West Cypher” followed by “UDS killer tape” later.
The idea came when cyphers were dormant at the time and these guys see the need to represent their home which is Upper West Region in their version of a cypher as rappers to do one. Echosoundz was approached with the idea & he agreed to do both the audio and video recording.
That project was a huge success as it gained a lot of viewership on Facebook ,tv, our homes and was adored by many rap fans both in and outside this region.

10 years on, these guys see the need to do another one but this time round featuring other vibrant rappers from our current rappers list in the Region.
The Team intend to engage in series of radio Tour and also host a whole radio show in one of the finest radio stations for this upcoming project to create attention for this project in order to generate a huge success.
This edition is dub “The parade” as they intend to parade the very finest rappers from our Upper West rap music genre and will feature Dagaare, sissalii, Waale And English languages.


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