Moesha Bodoung is asking Ghanaians to forgive Tracey Boakye, her good friend, for her foul rants during her attack on MzBel.

The Ghanaian actress visited her colleague actress at her home and in a viral video, she said, “so as you see she is so sorry for what she said, you know when you are angry you just talk out of anger and I am sure she has realized her mistake”.

Before her comment in the video, Tracey herself said ” I won’t talk again, in fact, Moesha, you guys have made me really shy. I won’t talk again and I am sorry”. Tracey also expressed her gratitude to Moesha for coming to visit her.

Tracey descended into the gutters to attack Mzbel over her relationship with a married man.

According to her, the singer is bitter that the man has ditched her (Mzbel) and has come for her instead.


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