Prof. Eric Nyarko-Sampson, a Professor of Guidance and Counselling and Dean of Faculty of Educational Foundations, University of Cape Coast has said that we should be careful not to stigmatise persons who have survived Coronavirus.

He explained that stigmatisation is attaching something to someone because of the situation that individual has been through and that is very possible to happen to COVID-19 victims which would not be healthy for proper nation-building.

He further explained that the family has a great and important role to play in order not to stigmatise family members who have been treated and discharged from quarantine. He further added similar measures must be put in place at the workplace where such survivors are not unnecessarily victimised and stigmatised.

Prof Eric Nyarko-Sampson was speaking on Central Morning Show on Radio Central 92.5mhz hosted by D. C. Kwame Kwakye today Monday, 6yh April 2020 on the topic “Counselling and Stigmatization. How to do Away with Stigmatization Within COVID-19.

He said we should all try whether at the family level or workplace and societal level to avoid stigmatization and help COVID-19 survivors to easily reintegrate in our society.

When asked why would someone would stigmatise the other, he explained that the initial death toll associated with it is the main factor. He also further said we all need an understanding that even though there is no known cure presently, people have received treatment and people have survived and as such we must all see it like malaria or any other disease that can be treated.

He later advised that we should up our communal spirit but in relation to cleaning our environments and maintain same, extend a hand of togetherness in these times which affirms our social and communal life with emphasis on cleanliness. We should not wait for government to come and clean our environments for us because its effects would be felt by the inhabitants and not necessarily government.

When asked what Health professionals can do to help, Prof. Nyarko-Sampson said they also need some form of counselling in dealing with Coronavirus patients and should also be embarking on home visits to COVID-19 patients who have been treated in order to let the public understand they that, they have been treated and are also fine and can be fully integrated within our society.

He admonished that; the church can also help in the Covid19 education. He explained that they would also need some form of counselling to counsel their church members on how to deal with victims who have survived from COVID-19.

In ending the conversation, he advised we should continue and maintain social distancing and also make sure all other facilities we have provided to fight coronavirus must be maintained and all of us must be encouraged to use them to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in these trying times.

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