Singer MzVee has revealed that she and her team were robbed of all their money in South Africa while on a trip there to shoot the music video for her song ‘Baby’.

Speaking on an Accra-based radio station, the ‘Sheriff’ hitmaker revealed that after going into a store to get some items for their stay and the shoot, the team noticed they were being tailed by suspicious-looking men.

“I don’t know whether it was because of the bag or something but they followed us and robbed us of all the dollars we had on us. All the money I was going to use for the project was taken including our passports,” she said.

MzVee revealed that she meet the video director, Justin Campos, for the first time at a police station.

Additionally, the team were given police statements to help them validate their the country especially at places where they were required to prove their identity.

“When we were coming [to Ghana] we had to use the police statements. They stopped us at the airport and we were there for a very long time before we were allowed passage.”

She added that although the experience was difficult, she was surrounded by people who encouraged her throughout the challenges.

MzVee released her music video for her song Baby on Friday, August 14. The video currently has over 5,000 views on YouTube.


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