Minority Leader in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu

District Chief Executive (DCE) for Akatsi South in the Volta Region, Leo-Nelson Adzidogah has urged the minority in parliament to reconsider their stance on the usage of the Heritage Fund to fight the deadly coronavirus the country is engulfed with.

According to him, government’s inability to have access to the fund to fight the disease is as deadly as the virus itself, considering the level at which the global pandemic is fast spreading and causing grave disruption to all sectors of social lives in countries.

The DCE in an article stated that, “our inability to use this fund is as deadly as the virus. If the social protection safety net for the future generation is this Fund, then it must be used now for positive impact on them in the future. We cannot allow this generation to go down the pit, otherwise, the next generation cannot be produced”.

Mr. Adzidogah, who is also the NPP parliamentary candidate in the area stressed that this is not the time to be playing politics, because the issue at stake now is a matter of death, therefore it requires everyone to join hands to fight the disease.

He stressed that “what is important now is for everybody to join hands to fight this deadly cancer which is moving very fast to decimate our population. We do not need to do politics as usual with this matter of death. We cannot play politics with our lives otherwise our actions will be regarded as insensitivity to this deadly situation. We cannot watch ourselves die without taking any step to avert this looming disaster and catastrophe. Let us appreciate the magnitude of the situation and respond appropriately to demonstrate our humanity”.

Below is the full statement


Coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the international community with high degree of trepidation and fear. Most countries including the most powerful ones are desperately formulating appropriate responses in the fields of finance, law, medicine, technology, administrative and all manner of approaches to deal with this deadly virus.

The virus has caused disruption in businesses, economy, politics and social lives in all countries. No country is immune against this virus. As deadly as it is, we are all seeking spiritual cover under the banner of Christ the Jesus. Prayers are being said fervently seeking the divine intervention from the Overlord of the universe.https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/politics/Failure-to-use-Heritage-Fund-deadly-as-coronavirus-DCE-tells-NDC-913897?jwsource=cl

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