I have not heard nor read the real matter about the west wanting to test corona vaccines on Africans ‘first’. I have however seen some social media comments regarding that situation.

What is the problem here?

Vaccines are scientific means of preventing medical problems that may otherwise impose cost including death on individuals, populations, states, civilisation and so the world.

Vaccines may produce or induce immunity by which the human body may ward off disease caused by infectious agents. The immunity thus produced may be natural or not. It may be active or passive. Here, we would leave the minutiae for medical science and immunology.

Vaccines and vaccination could be beneficial or at cost to humans. Vaccine and vaccination safety issues are important in the vaccine creation process.

This is why care, rigour and strict regulations are in place to ensure that vaccines introduced into the human health catalogue are compatible with health and at minimal to no risk to humans.

That means that in medical emergencies such as COVID – 19 or Ebola before it, vaccines lag the reality and situation. Still, humans are innovative enough to race in time to survive medical emergencies.

In doing so, the vaccine production process may be expedited. This indeed was the case with ZMaPP and others for Ebola and now the multiple vaccine options or candidates for COVID – 19 as being touted by INOVIO, MIGAL, MODERNA and many others.

A vaccine for SARS – CoV2 could very likely be a blessing for the world’s people. But, it could also be a curse.

Anti-vaxxers exist that warn of the dangers of vaccines including as means of global population control. They warn that vaccines are means

by which the global elite seek to reduce human fertility and so reproduction and by it limit, decrease and further control global population.

Moreover, critics note the use of vaccine and vaccination as cover for espionage and other intelligence operations. The case of the Pakistani doctor – Afredi – that conducted vaccination exercise in the Abbotabad household of Osama Bin Laden to harvest DNA Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid for positive identification of the al Qaeda chief prior to his assassination by Barack H.

Obama in 2011 is well cited. Foreign intelligence use of vaccination as cover for medical and other operations around the world is well exposed.

And that Africa is an open market for foreign intelligence exploitation without much restrictions, regulations and oversight, is no news. Edward J. Snowden and WikiLeaks exposed this reality.

In that sense, what would the COVID-19 vaccination effort be put to? To the benefit of people or to their cost or a combination of those? And regarding Africa, that is presently less hit by COVID-19 in comparison with the rest of the world?

That must be the primary focus of those ‘excited’ by the so-called French man call for African vaccine trials ‘first’.

Vaccination trials against COVID-19 already began in the United Kingdom, United States and other places. Calling for a similar effort in Africa isn’t necessarily out of the norm.

The question, however, would be whether or not Africa and Africans are that smart to know what incentive or motive the foreign advocates have in mind this time. Do we know? And or do we have the capability to know? And when we do, what shall we do about it? So that, what would be our strategy?

Do think along those lines people.

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